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I am an innovator and leader in the self-defense space. For the past decade, I've been providing effective, practical and accessible safety training and information.


  • I believe self-defense, safety and preparedness training are for everyone -- not an elite few. 

  • I believe one-time trainings can yield profound benefits -- without committing years to it. 

  • I believe in actionable strategies and skills -- not overwhelming or complicated information.

  • I believe in building people up -- without tearing them down first. 

  • I believe in leading and teaching by relating -- not intimidating. 

From corporate programs and students of all ages to community groups and fitness/martial arts studios (and everything in between), I have experience creating a supportive and welcoming training environment for a wide range of audiences. 

Career highlights include: 

  • Current Executive Director of the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors

  • Owner/founder of BOOM Self-Defense (Austin)

  • Co-Founder of Jarrett and Jennie Self-Defense (National)

  • Co-author of "The Essential Guide to Women's Self-Defense" 

  • Teaching events in the U.S. at NETFLIX and LegalZoom, and in Amsterdam at DEPTFest

  • Instructor/Presenter at NWMAF Training Camp, AWMAI Teaching the Teacher Conference

  • Panelist at the InnoTech Austin 2024 Conference

  • Countless workshops taught for Girl Scout troops, elementary schools, Krav Maga/fitness studios, real estate companies, sororities, businesses and organizations of all kinds

Please contact me to customize an event or presentation for your group or organization.


Whether you need training for your small group or large corporate gathering, I've got you covered.

Don't see what you need? Please contact me and let's design a program for your unique needs. 

Two women training in self-defense


Foundational self-defense training

that includes effective boundary

setting, safety principles and physical skills. Events can be customized

from 90 minutes to 4+ hours.

Woman speaking during a presentation

Emergency Preparedness 

Practical, effective and actionable strategies and ideas to keep yourself, your family and your community safer and better prepared for a variety of emergency situations. 

Woman speaking into microphone, smiling

Effective Communication

Boundary setting, verbal de-escalation and other skills that can enhance

safety and improve interpersonal communication in every area of life. Engaging, interactive presentation. 

Client Feedback 

group photo after self-defense class
"We couldn't recommend Jennie more!
We brought her in to teach a self-defense class
and we've never received more positive comments about a class. Jennie was bursting with energy (and HILARIOUS!) and kept our employees pumped throughout the entire class. Everyone left feeling excited and empowered. What a fantastic benefit she brought to our company!"

Meredith C., T3 Advertising 




Austin, Texas

Let's talk! 

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